Friday, January 25, 2008

Is soccer a game or what?

This question is very relative because some countries are thinking soccer is just for fun but some countries are thinking soccer is very excited and big event for themselves. If we give examples about these countries firstly,Brazil,Argentina,England and also my country. They have a lot of soccer funs. So, soccer is everything for them and they just go to soccer matches and have fun. Also there is some soccer fans kind of psycho.They just come matches for fight with people. Also if you do not have strong security or government this situation is very dangerous for other soccer fans. That s why, they do not want to go to soccer field. If soccer teams want to have money from their stadium, they must to solve this problem before the kind of rebellion. Because of soccer matches and psycho funs many people killing or hurt eachother. Soccer should be polite sport. Actually it should be pretty rivarly and all fans should talk to rivarly not fight or something like that.

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